Old Time Musketry

presents a joyous music that draws on the exuberant spirit of early jazz, the poignant melodies and soulful grooves of rock and folk music, the energy and spontaneity of free improvisation, and a willfully experimental attitude towards combining these elements into a unique vision of American music. Old Time Musketry joined forces in early 2009 in Brooklyn and has been developing their unique sound by performing widely in the New York area and around the Northeast.

The band released its first record in 2013 entitled Different Times on the “Steeplechase” Label. The record can be purchased by visiting the Steeplechase website or on Itunes.

The follow up record, Drifter on the NCM East Label, has also been receiving wonderful reviews and is available online at Band Camp or by visiting Itunes or amazon.  Hard Copies can be purchased at CD Baby


Praise for OTM’s 2012 debut, Different Times…

“4 stars“…”Old Time Musketry weaves through a variety of musical styles, never binding themselves to a single idea while asserting their own identity.”
–Jon Ross, DownBeat Magazine

“2012 Best Debut…a first statement full of promise…enjoyable and intriguing…”
–George Grella, The Big City Blog (also submitted “Different Times” as “Best Debut” in the 2012 Jazz Critics Poll)

“Old Time Musketry seems to be about…confounding expectations; not just going to unexpected places, but finding something unexpected in places that might be seem all too familiar. Different Times is a beautifully realized snapshot of a fully matured band with massive compositional and instrumental chops, and, most importantly, some very interesting ideas.”
–Dave Wayne, All About Jazz

“…the most exciting music looks back yet continually moves forward. Different Times does just that and more; Old Time Musketry makes joyful music filled with strong melodies and fine solos. “
–Richard B. Kamins, Step Tempest Blog

“…this year’s best jazz debut by a country mile. Melodic contemporary sounds don’t get any more interesting, or downright catchy, than this.”
–Lucid Culture Blog (also ranked #14 on their 20 Best Jazz Albums of 2012 List)

“…a subtle yet engaging new release…The group’s idiosyncratic sound palette touches on klezmer, free jazz, R&B and sepia-toned marches.”
–Time Out New York

“3 1/2 stars…tight group interplay…reserved melodies [that] build slowly with stately tension.”
–Paul Acquaro, Free Jazz Blog

“…constant ‘sound of suprise’…never predictable…Old Time Musketry has found creative ways to combine their wide-ranging interests into intriguing new compositions.”
–Ken Dryden, New York City Jazz Record

“A-“…”They go for soft edges, letting the music just pick you up and sweep you away.”
–Tom Hull, Jazz Prospecting (also submitted OTM as best “Newcomer Group” in El Intruso’s 2012 Poll)

“The music is immensely charming…infectious and inventive…a delight and quite unlike anything I’ve heard in a long while.”
–Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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